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Paul B. Addis, Esq, a distinguished attorney, has spent 23 years shaping the legal landscape with his expertise and unwavering dedication to justice. Born on February 3, 1975, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, his early passion for the law guided his remarkable journey through the legal profession.

Early Life and Education:

Growing up in a close-knit family, Paul exhibited a natural inclination towards advocacy and fairness from a young age. After graduating with honors from high school, Mr. Addis graduated from DeLaSalle in 1993.  He graduated cum laude from Michigan State University in 1997 with a degree in Business Administration.  Mr. Addis continued his education in East Lansing, graduating from Michigan State University/Detroit College of Law in 2000, cum laude.  He was admitted to the Michigan State Bar the same year.  He can practice in the U.S. Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan.

Specialization and Expertise:

Paul specializes in family law, which resonated deeply with his commitment to social justice. Over the years, he honed his expertise in divorce and family law cases, earning a reputation for his meticulous approach to legal research, strategic litigation, and compassionate advocacy for his clients.

Leadership and Mentorship:

Besides his successful legal practice, Paul demonstrated leadership by actively participating in bar associations and legal committees. He is an approved mediator by the Macomb County Family Law Judges.  He also found time to mentor young attorneys, sharing his knowledge and guiding them to success. His commitment to mentorship earned him accolades from legal organizations and the respect of his peers.

Business Ownership:

Paul’s ownership of multiple businesses outside the legal field offers him a unique advantage when navigating complex business disputes. This diversified experience likely enriches his perspective and strategic approach when dealing with legal matters, particularly those entangled in intricate business scenarios.

Having a firsthand understanding of the intricacies of running various businesses provides Paul with insights that extend beyond legal technicalities. His practical knowledge in managing businesses could be invaluable in comprehending the operational, financial, and strategic elements of the disputes he handles for clients. This holistic viewpoint might aid him in devising comprehensive solutions that not only address legal aspects but also consider the broader business implications.

Furthermore, his diversified portfolio of businesses might allow him to draw parallels, identify patterns, and leverage successful strategies from one industry to another. This cross-industry experience could contribute to his ability to craft innovative and effective approaches tailored to the specific needs of each case.

Overall, Paul’s multifaceted expertise stemming from ownership of various businesses likely enhances his proficiency in resolving complex business disputes, providing a well-rounded perspective that combines legal acumen with practical business insights.

Personal Life:

In his personal life, Paul is a loving husband and a dedicated father of 3 children. His family provided unwavering support, allowing him to balance the demands of his legal career with his responsibilities at home.

Legacy and Recognition:

As Paul celebrates his 23rd year in law, his legacy is marked by a trail of legal victories, a commitment to justice, and the gratitude of countless clients whose lives he has positively impacted. His dedication to the law inspires aspiring attorneys and seasoned professionals, making him a revered figure in the legal community.


Albert B. Addis is an esteemed Partner at Addis Law Firm, PLLC, contributing over 40 years of extensive legal expertise to the firm. His career has been primarily dedicated to courtroom advocacy, encompassing diverse areas of law, including constitutional, municipal, labor, criminal, personal injury, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, and various criminal cases.

Albert’s journey in the legal profession stands as a testament to his profound expertise and a narrative of a father’s enduring legacy, partnering with his son in a flourishing law firm.

Albert is an accomplished trial attorney with a documented success rate of 98% in more than 100 cases taken to verdict. Recognized as a Michigan Super Lawyer annually since 2010 in various legal practice areas, his AV-rated litigator status speaks volumes about his legal prowess.

His extensive experience spans a wide array of legal domains, including automobile and trucking negligence, PIP/No-Fault cases, municipal and premises liability, constitutional violations, police liability, alternative dispute resolutions, divorce and custody, governmental law, state and federal criminal law, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, among others.

Albert’s contributions expand beyond courtroom trials. He has served as general counsel for significant entities like Mackinaw Administrators and acted as labor and litigation counsel for various entities, including Lenox Township, The Village of New Haven, Township of Grosse Ile, Gladwin County Courts, and Ogemaw County. His licensing extends to practice law in Michigan and admission to the United States District Courts of Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Moreover, his additional experience in representing professional athletes and serving as a mediator or arbitrator in personnel and commercial cases further underscores his versatile legal skill set.

As Albert commemorates his 40th year in law, his legacy surpasses the cases he won or the clients he represented. His impact on the legal profession and the lives he has touched resonates deeply. His partnership with his son epitomizes the enduring strength of family bonds and the seamless amalgamation of experience and innovations in the legal field. Albert B. Addis, Esq., remains an inspiring figure to generations of attorneys, a paragon of legal ethics.

Daniel J. Goulette, Of Counsel

Daniel J. Goulette is a seasoned legal professional who began his career in 1990 as a sole practitioner in Clinton Township, Michigan, focusing on Real Estate, Municipal, Juvenile, Domestic, Criminal Defense, and Probate Law. His diverse expertise across multiple legal areas laid the foundation for his distinguished career.

His legal journey continued as he was appointed part-time Magistrate in 1996 at the 41B District Court, serving Clinton Township, Harrison Township, and Mt. Clemens until 2006. Even while serving as a Magistrate, Mr. Goulette maintained his private practice, allowing him to gain unique experiences sitting as a Magistrate, working as a Defense attorney, and handling Prosecutions, often all in the same day.

In January 2006, he was appointed as a full-time Magistrate at the 41B District Court, where he served the community until his retirement in March 2018. Post-retirement from the Magistrate position, he joined The Addis Law Firm, PLLC, in an “Of-Counsel” capacity, bringing 34 years of invaluable experience and legal knowledge.

Mr. Goulette’s educational background includes graduating from Mt. Clemens High School in 1976, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Oakland University in May 1986, and earning his Law degree from the University of Detroit School of Law in May 1990. During law school, he gained experience by clerking in the Macomb County Probate Court.

A lifelong resident of the Mt. Clemens area, Mr. Goulette currently resides in Harrison Township, maintaining close ties to the community where he has lived and served throughout his extensive legal career. His wealth of experience and commitment to the law continue to contribute significantly to the legal practice at The Addis Law Firm, PLLC.

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